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About PrintWeek

PrintWeek is the highest-circulating and most widely read printing industry magazine in the UK, with an unrivalled reputation for the best news and analysis of print and associated sectors, including paper and pre-media. It provides key decision-makers with more information on contracts, plant and technology than any other title.
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The Top 500 2016 – out February  a full breakdown of the financial performance of the top companies


Key PrintWeek magazine features:


Fourteen days in print – a roundup of the news from the website, featuring who’s bought what kit, that week’s poll findings and Hot topics
Briefing – fortnightly in-depth analysis of key issues impacting the industry, featuring expert comment from the sector
Me & My… – warts and all product reviews from actual users
Star Product – price, performance, service support and USP of a different piece of kit every fortnight
Sector specials – dedicated feature and product reviews specific to a market, from books to consumer print

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