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Gramophone - digital edition only
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Gramophone - digital edition only

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About Gramophone - digital edition only

About the Gramophone Digital Archive:


Since 1923, Gramophone has been the world’s leading authority on classical music, meaning that we are now in the privileged position of having reviewed over 90 years’ worth of the most important classical releases. From Caruso to Callas, Barbirolli to Bartoli, Gramophone has reviewed them all. Our digital archive of over 1,000 issues contains all of these reviews, and you can now read them at the click of a button.*


By subscribing to the digital archive you will also gain access to new issues of Gramophone as they go on sale, so you’ll always be first to know which of the latest classical releases are worthy of joining your collection.


NB Subscriptions take a little while to process. You will be notified of your login details within 24 hours of subscribing.

* The app version of the magazine is available for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Kindle Fire. Kindle, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices are not currently supported.

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