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Independent Nurse
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Independent Nurse

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About Independent Nurse

Independent Nurse is a fortnightly magazine that champions primary care and community nurses.

News and opinion The latest clinical and political news for primary care and community nurses and opinion from leading figures within healthcare

  • • Authoritative, unbiased and targeted coverage
  • • In-depth analysis of key health news stories

Clinical Clinical features that focus on real-life medicine, specifically relevant to the everyday needs of frontline primary care and community nurses

  • • Covering the practical management of clinical conditions
  • • Written by experts, in a concise and readable format
  • • Providing updates on the latest clinical research

Professional Non-clinical features and resources to enhance nurses’ professional development, supporting them in their expanding roles

  • • In-depth analysis of NHS organisational change
  • • Case-studies of primary care nurse-led initiatives
  • • Advice on career progression and education
  • • Guidance on employment issues
  • • Profiles of inspiring practice and community nurses
  • • Professional resources


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