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British Journal of Community Nursing - website only
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British Journal of Community Nursing - website only

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About British Journal of Community Nursing - website only


British Journal of Community Nursing is the UK’s leading peer-reviewed journal for community nurses, with a unique focus on the district nursing team. It covers all professional issues faced by community nurses today and provides essential career development advice.


Subscribe to British Journal of Community Nursing today and benefit from:

•    Articles on all aspects of end-of-life and palliative care in the community
•    A focus on the complex needs of frail older people at home
•    Up-to-date information on developments in clinical practice
•    Latest primary care research and guidance on the complex dilemmas
•    Essential information on the issues facing community nurses, together with advice about career development


British Journal of Community Nursing’s full range of in-depth, clinical content is now available through our digital content platform: By subscribing you will gain access to an archive of issues since 1996, providing you with professional and accessible content. With over 9,443 pages of content for you to explore in our fully searchable content database, you are sure to find something to meet your needs.


British Journal of Community Nursing ensures that you stay up-to-date with the latest developments in clinical practice, primary care research and policy.


All UK based subscribers to British Journal of Community Nursing will recieve a copy of the Wound Care Handbook 2015-2016.

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