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Equine Health - website only
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Equine Health - website only

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About Equine Health - website only


Equine Health is dedicated to horse owners and industry professionals, such as veterinary surgeons, grooms, farriers, physiotherapists, stud managers, breeders, and competitive riders. Whether you are a professional or an owner who wants the best for your horse, Equine Health will help you to understand important health and welfare issues that will help you to help your horse.


From polysaccharide storage myopathy to sweet itch, from cutting edge laser surgery to basic wound care, Equine Health will provide everything you need to be better informed and make better choices.


Subscribe to Equine Health today to benefit from:

•    In-depth, nutrition, farriery and veterinary features
•    Health and welfare issues, such as anatomy and physiology
•    The latest best practice guidance, treatment protocols and procedures
•    Research from expert industry professionals
•    The latest news and thought-provoking comment


Equine Health’s full range of in-depth, clinical content is now available through our digital content platform, By subscribing you will have access to the current isssues and the archive of 4 years’ worth of journals providing you with professional and accessible content that will help you keep up to date with the latest developments. With over 750 pages of content for you to explore in our fully searchable content database, you are sure to find something to meet your needs.


Equine Health provides a strong link between industry professionals, veterinary surgeons and horse owners, supporting all in the sharing of knowledge to improve equine welfare and wellbeing.

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