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Companion Animal
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Companion Animal

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About Companion Animal


Companion Animal is essential for veterinary surgeons in practice who care for small animals and exotics. The journal has become one of the best-read publications for veterinary surgeons wanting to keep up-to-date with clinical developments that enhance their practice.


Subscribe to Companion Animal print for:

•    Monthly printed issues delivered to your door 
•    An extensive range of peer reviewed articles appear in each issue featuring many different aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery
•    Commissioned articles from leading authorities in both university and referral practices, chosen for their relevance to the practicing veterinary surgeon
•    Online CPD* programme covering a range of topics across species including canine, feline and exotic
•    Regular clinical updates, visual guides to surgery and case studies


*With the CPD programme you will be able to fulfil 35 hours of CPD over the course of a year (105 hours CPD over the course of three years).


If you are an existing print-only subscriber and would like to upgrade your subscription to include online access, please contact us on 0800 137 201 (UK only) or +44 (0)1722 716997.


For information about institutional subscriptions, click here.

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