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About AJM + BJM

British Journal of Midwifery and African Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health are the premier journals for midwives, containing an unrivalled amount of clinical, professional and educational content on midwifery. The journals publish the most relevant and up-to-date original research, evidence-based papers and clinical reviews, while AJM also keeps you up-to-date with developments in Africa, in matters relating to midwifery and women's health.


Subscribe to BJM and AJM today and benefit from:

  • • Research that will have implications for your clinical practice, now and in the future
  • • Essential information on the issues and concerns, including advice about career development
  • • Articles specifically for students to help pass exams, improve clinical practice and get their first job
  • • A review of important legal issues and the practicalities of ensuring that legal responsibilities
  • • An informal look at the latest developments in midwifery, and discussion on the complexity of midwifery and women's health in Africa
  • • Teaching methods and innovative ways to educate student midwives
  • • A roundup of the latest events, including presentations, talks and debates

BJM and AJM aim to challenge readers to reflect on and evaluate their own practice. The journals cover the full spectrum of midwifery from antenatal to intrapartum care, through to the postpartum, including issues of neonatal care and the latest developments in African midwifery and women's health. Improve your knowledge and skills in all areas of practice and enjoy articles written by and peer-reviewed by prominent authorities in the profession from within and from outside the continent.


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