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The Gramophone Digital Club (Digital Edition + Reviews)
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The Gramophone Digital Club (Digital Edition + Reviews)

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About The Gramophone Digital Club (Digital Edition + Reviews)

If you are a reader who wants all the benefits of the Gramophone Club but prefers the convenience of digital, or who simply has no space for more copies of the magazine, this is the membership package for you. You will be able to read the latest issue of the magazine every month and explore our entire 90 year archive on your computer, smartphone or tablet*, instead of receiving it through the post. In addition, you will gain full access to the Gramophone reviews database, where you can find the verdict of our expert panel of critics on over 40,000 classical recordings.


NB Subscriptions take a little while to process. You will be notified of your login details within 24 hours of subscribing.

* The app version of the magazine is available for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Kindle Fire. Kindle, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices are not currently supported.


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