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Practical Pre-School - magazine only
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Practical Pre-School - magazine only

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About Practical Pre-School - magazine only

Practical Pre-School supports all those working in early years and childcare with expert information and advice to enhance provision and ensure best practice. We can help you deliver first class early years provision that meets Ofsted requirements, within the current remit of the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Practical Pre-School also incorporates Child Care magazine, tailored to the needs of all home-based childcarers, making it the most up-to-date and comprehensive resource available.


By subscribing you will receive 12 print issues annually containing:

- Early years news and features, covering the latest developments in child behaviour, enabling environments, inclusive practice, management, training, Ofsted and more

- Child Care magazine, a separate magazine providing essential information and mixed-age-group activities for home-based childminders and childcare professionals

- Articles and features providing guidance on management and professional development, designed to support you as you progress in your career

- 16-page pull-out, providing step-by-step topical activity ideas based on the characteristic of effective learning – all expertly mapped to EYFS requirements

- An A3 colour poster, featuring an original poem written by children’s author Brenda Williams

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