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Engineering Materials
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Engineering Materials

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About Engineering Materials

Engineering Materials is the only magazine that is dedicated to embracing and following the multi-materials trend that is sweeping through industry. We strive to bring unbiased, relevant and informative editorial to allow engineers to make more informed trade offs and purchasing decisions.


We want to facilitate a culture of change by comparing and contrasting all material types and follow the innovative ways different materials are being brought together to enable step change improvements. Rather than preach to the converted by focusing on one material, Engineering Materials is set up specifically to encourage the use of the right material for the right application.


We bring readers the latest material developments as well as the most recent thinking from leading engineering companies and industry figures. Our articles give a practical and rounded view that reflect the biggest material issues of today including end-of-life considerations, joining and assembly, and the practicalities associated with adopting new materials in to a product or process.


With many traditional engineering components reaching a mature level of development, the area where the greatest gains can be made is through the better use of materials. There is no silver bullet and engineers must be smarter with the materials available. We hope Engineering Materials can be part of the solution.

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