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Machinery Classified
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Machinery Classified

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About Machinery Classified

For more than 25 years, Machinery Classified has been the market’s trusted used production equipment magazine.


With its rotating fortnightly circulation of 7,150 readers, plus coverage of all UK used machine tools merchants and suppliers, Machinery Classified reaches more named individuals per issue than ever before. This means that it offers the best coverage of the country’s machine tool buying universe, bar none.


In addition, it is the only ABC-accredited title offering access to a fully researched universe of machine tools using sites in the UK. And it’s the only place where sellers can reach Machinery Classified's continuously researched ‘Buying Now’ readers.


The magazine publishes frequent international issues that additionally reach 1,500 individuals around the world, while Machinery Classified magazine is supported by an innovative website, a mobile phone app and regular e-zine service that magnify both national and global reach.

Machinery Classified – the only magazine you’ll need to buy or sell used production equipment.

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